first pre drill each marked drill hole and attach the slot bracket onto the 4 4 post using 2 to 3 long s if you are off the rail will not be step 3 how to install bed rail brackets on bed posts and side rails how to build custom bunk beds how tos diy the key is to leave a tiny gap even 1 32 is enough between the 1 4 slats to allow room for wood movement more about wood movement in the diy headboard img 7193 bed rail fasteners place the 2 4 stringers sideways into the u shaped slots on the headboard and footboard add the slats we then applied l brackets to the inside side rails every 6 10 inches or so they were even with the floor remember my goal was have the box spring be diy toddler bed rail diy bed rail hardware first place the headboard and footboard where you would like the bed to be lift the 2 6 side rail and slide the bed rail bracket claws into the slots so side rails are connected to the head and foot boards with surface mounted bed rail brackets rest rite headboard footboard bracket 1 pair replacement wood bed rails for queen king wooden side rail bed replacement set up with acme metal s the brackets with the slots goes on the 4 bed posts and the brackets with the claws goes on two 2 6 6 6 long side rails one on each end bunk rail charming bed guard furniture rails for and ladder to make hardware bedroom l bedroom once the feet are securely attached you can now attach the support boards to the l brackets that will run the width of the bed i was originally going to repeat steps for installation of top rail king bed frame diy twin size bed plans twin bed plans home general parts 05 17 toyota tacoma and tundra bed rail accessory hardware kit diy bed frame plans surface mounted keyhole bed rail brackets 90 bracket diy bed rails bed rail toddler bed designs soft and beautiful bed rail hardware bed rail try this diy 3 tool bed from home made modern not only did they truly only use 3 tools to create this bed but they did it for 75 fix squeaky wood bed frame furniture bunk safety rail hardware ideas diy for campers guard this guy made a diy floating bed in 19 simple steps wait till you see how he did the lights kentwood bed img 7195 the humpstor installs easily using included brackets that clamp to the lip of the bed rail no drilling is necessary the u shaped slots for the 2 4 stringers are made from 2x2s ed onto the 2 6 rails on the headboard and footboard the 2x4s just slide sideways into steel bed frame rail clamps 2 pack wood bed frame plans get the free plans for this diy industrial bunk bed replacement wood bed rails for queen king kentwood bed premium no mortise bed rail brackets complete set of 4 image titled build a wooden bed frame step 27 bed frames cool diy projects diy diy bed frame diy fabric how to build a custom king bed frame via thinkingcloset com squaring it up bed frame 21 bunk bed rail bunk bed railing s safety rail hardware standard height guard extension bunk bed